Racial Makeup: Primarily Human. Non-humans are not entitled to the protection of the law unless specifically protected by the Lord.

Government: Pyron is an absolute dictatorship under the rule of the Lord.

Religion: The official religion of Pyron is centered on the teachings of the Lord.

Points of Interest:

Thieron is the capital city of Pyron.


A days ride north of Thieron at the point where the Dreaming River splits sits the Palace of Vision.

The northern part of Pyron is covered by the Balyn Wood.

In the eastern portion of Pyron, near the border with the Waste lies the ruins of [[Jagon’s Rest]].


All power resides in the Lord, whose word is law. Punishment for even minor offenses is delivered swiftly and mercilessly. While the law is very strict with regards to violence or theft against humans, non-humans are not afforded the protections of the law. A crime committed against a non-human is not punishable as a crime, unless the non-human has received a special favor from the Lord. Slavery of non-humans is condoned if not encouraged.

International Relations:

The Lord does not recognize the ability of non-humans to rule themselves. Thus, there are no official relations between Pyron and Banetorque, Kitadal, or Eltar. Pyron signed a treaty with Banetorque to end the war and settle the new boundary line, but the Lord has decreed that treaty to be a pact with savages, as opposed to a treaty with a sovereign nation.

Pyron and Amalina have a long history of favorable trade relations and occasional alliances. The Lord prefers to deal with the Amalinian House Watkins, but can and will work with whichever House is in power.

Since the razing of Ischandel, the pirates have come to an agreement with the Lord. The pirates leave Pyronic ships in peace, and if one of their number should attack a ship, the pirates punish the captain and crew, return all the goods stolen and pay for any loss of property or life. In return the Lord has agreed not to blockade Ischandel or attack their ships. Should a Pyronic ship sink an Ischandelese pirate ship, the Lord apologizes and the pirates accept the apology.

Pyron and the Lianate Republic have been on the brink of war for almost since the rise of the Republic some 150 years ago. The Lord feels that the Republic, which has many non-humans in positions of authority, is dangerously bastardized. Further, the Republic has begun manufacturing goods cheaply enough to compete with Pyronic goods even as far away as Amalina.


Pyron has very few dealings with Felaton other than the occasional caravan across the Waste or trade ship.


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