Racial Makeup: Almost entirely Elven, although members of other races who live in harmony with the forest may be allowed to stay.


Government: Little is known of the internal government of Kitadal. When envoys are sent to other nations, they never refer to a single ruler, but rather refer to themselves as being empowered by Kitadal.


Religion: There appears to be no official religion.


Points of Interest:


Nearly the entire nation of Kitadal is within the borders of what the Amalinians call the Darkbreed Forest. The elves refer to it as Taurë en Dae, roughly translated to the Shadow Forest.


No one who has seen the interior of the Kitadal has been willing to discuss it in detail or create maps, however tales abound of cities within the treetops and beautiful works of art in the heart of the woods.


International Relations:

While Kitadal seems to have no restrictions on elves leaving, anyone attempting to enter the forest is stopped within a mile. All trade takes place on the outskirts of the forest, and only those deemed worthy are allowed deeper into the woods. Many have attempted to sneak into the heart of Kitadal, but few have made it back out alive.


Kitadal is allied with Amalina, and maintains a small diplomatic presence in Illias by the Sea. Further, elves will often travel to Lindellin to trade with the Amalinians.


Other than the alliance with Amalina, Kitadal pursues a strict isolationist agenda. The concerns of the other nations are not their concerns.


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