Racial Makeup: Mixed

Government: While Felaton is technically a kingdom, ruled from the capital city of Pryholt, the real power in the kingdom is the Merchant’s Guild based out of Dorden.

Religion: The official religion of Felaton is Commerce.

Points of Interest:

Pryholt is a coastal city and serves as the capital of Felaton.

Dorden is a large city at the point where the Welbarin River splits from the Vorane River.

Lake Vorane is a large river located in the foothills of the Giant Spine mountains in Northwestern Felton.

Internal Politics:

The Kings of Felaton ceded the power to tax the populace to the Merchants Guild centuries ago. Without the power to tax, the Crown was soon bankrupt, and now the King must ask the Guild for the funds to do anything. Thus, all true power in the Kingdom resides in the halls of the Guild.

International Relations:

Felatone merchants don’t care what race, religion or nationality a person claims, as long as his coins are pure.


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