Racial Makeup: Primarily Dwarven and Halfling.

Government: A council comprised of the leaders of the 7 most powerful Dwarven clans. Currently the ruling clans are: Axecarver, Bloodpick, Boltsmither, Armorbreaker, Stonesmelter, Warclub, and Grimgrinder. Traditionally, they are referred to by their clan name while serving on the council.

Each of the clans has a great Hall. By tradition, meetings of the council are hosted by each clan in turn. The last meeting was hosted in Armorbreaker Keep, so the next will be held in the Stonesmelter mines.

Religion: There is no official religion.

Points of Interest:

Armorbreaker Keep is in the center of a large city, commonly called by the same name, in the central plains of Eltar.

Bitetu’s Hold is the seat of the Axecarver clan.

Droskar’s Folly is Eltar’s largest seaport, and is home to the Warclub clan.

The Bloodpick, Boltsmither, Stonesmelter and Grimgrinder clans are all based somewhere in the Giant Spine mountains that run along the southwestern border of Eltar.

Firinwillow is a Halfling community in Eltar’s central plains.

Internal Politics:

The council meets every 5 years unless there is need for an emergency session. In the case of an emergency session, the clan who hosted the last regular session is responsible for hosting the emergency session. While the council is technically supposed to be made up of the 7 strongest clans, there has not been a challenge for a council seat in 10 generations. Such challenges are settled through a series of martial, magical, mental and crafting competitions and can take several years to complete.

Any decision that affects more than one Dwarven clan must be taken before the council. Actions within or affecting only one clan may be brought to the council’s attention, but the council may not act upon such without invitation from the head of the clan affected.

International Relations:

The Dwarves and Elves signed a Peace Treaty so long ago that only the scholars remember the details. Thus, with Kitadal on their western border and the Waste lining their southwestern border, Eltar can all but ignore the outside world.

There have been the occasional raids along the Felaton border, where many brigands, of all races, take advantage of the rocky terrain and lax patrolling by the Felatone army. The Dwarves consider Felaton to be a weak nation at best, and a paradise for evil and villainy at worst. The council has never taken any direct action against Felaton or the bandits, however, because only the Axecarver clan is affected and they have not requested the council’s assistance.


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