Racial Makeup: Primarily Gnomish.


Government: The country is named after the ruling family. The current King is Lunkus Banetorque. The Banetorque line has been unbroken for almost 1000 years.


Religion: There is no official religion for the country. However, Lunkus Banetorque is known to worship Gozreh.


Points of Interest:


The capital city of Banetorque is Stingard.


Aspenbrook is the Banetorque’s only seaport of any size.


The Grey Kings are a range of Mountains that run almost the entire length of Banetorque.


Thanis Burrow is a large graveyard on the border with Pyron.


[[Hadrey’s Crossing]] is a trading town on the edge of the Waste.




Although technically a monarchy, the King’s power does not extend much past the walls of the palace complex. The gnomes tend to take care of themselves, but will fall in line behind the King if called upon to do so, presumably.


International Relations:


The Lord of Pyron still remembers that southern Banetorque was once part of his domain. Although there have been no active hostilities between the two nations for over a century, there are special taxes on any goods crossing from Banetorque to Pyron. There was some hope that relations between the nations would take a turn for the better after they joined with Amalina to crush the Ischandelese pirates, but such never occurred.


Amalina is a ready source of consumers for Banetorquian goods as well as supplying raw materials.


Due to the somewhat loose nature of the government, most other rulers prefer to deal with the individual gnomes within their borders and officially ignore Banetorque as a nation.


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