Racial Makeup: Primarily Human, but large Elven and Gnomish populations from the neighboring kingdoms.

Government: Kingdom is currently ruled by King Eric and Queen Sarah. There are five noble Houses that have the right hold the throne: Hopkins (current ruling family), Gregory, Darley, Watkins, and Abel. When the King dies, one representative from each family enters a competition in the heart of the palace complex. The nature of the competition is a closely held secret, but it lasts between three and ten days and whichever contestant survives becomes the new King.

Religion: Each House has a patron diety, the religion of the ruling House is the official
religion of the Kingdom.

Hopkins: Abadar
Gregory: Torag
Darley: Calistria
Watkins: Gorum
Abel: Irori

Points of Interest:
Illias by the Sea is the capital of Amalina

Lindellin is a trading town on the border with Kitadal, near the Darkbreed Forest.

The Darkbreed Forest is an ancient wood that crosses the border between Amalina and Kitadal.


Politics: During their reign, each monarch rules absolutely, with two restrictions, they cannot discard or disrupt the succession competition, and they must have at least one member of each House on the Privy Council.

International Relations:

As long as the Darkbreed treaty is in force, the elves of Kitadal are sworn allies of Amalina. While no formal alliance has been signed between Amalina and Banetorque,  Amalina is the primary market for the gnomish trade and the two countries have  enjoyed peaceful trade relations for generations.


Amalina is largly neutral with regard to the other nations, conducting trade via the sea, with the exception of Ischandel. Depending on the ruling House, one nation may be more favored as a trade partner than others. House Hopkins currently favors trade with Banetorque, and thus relations with the farther nations have somewhat cooled.


Ischandelese pirates have often attacked Amalinal trading vessels. During the 26th Watkins monarchy, Amalina in conjunction with Banetorque and Pyron mounted a strike at Ischandel and razed its only city to the ground. In the intervening 80 years, the city has been rebuilt.



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